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God's Plan - How To Live and Fulfill God's Plan For Your Life!

by Shawn Nelson, MSA

Shawn Nelson, MSA - God's Plan

You are probably thinking, "What is God's Plan For My Life? How can God help me? Heck, I'm far from being saved, not a Christian and have sinned more times than I care to recall!"

Do you ever wonder, "What is my purpose in life?"

I bet you have been looking for answers to your problems and questions in every corner of the earth only to be disappointed.

Year after year pass and you are still in the same place. Sure, you get the promotion, pay increase, and take a few vacations but you still feel empty inside. It's as though you are not fulfilling your true potential...living your destiny!

Trust me, I know the feeling very well. I spent over thirty-six years in that position. Now I am very happy, at peace with myself and know God's plan for my life.

If you are anything like I was you are probably:

  • Stubborn
  • Want to do things your way
  • Believe you control your life
  • Very hard on yourself
  • Not where you feel you should be in life
  • Trying your best to read the Bible but cannot get into it
  • And much, much more

The last thing I desire to do is preach to you. I am not a Preacher, Pastor, Deacon, Bishop or anything remotely close. I am just a man on a journey and offering you the opportunity to join me for the ride of your life. In fact, I was probably the biggest sinner on the planet. Just take my word for it!

What Is God's Plan for Your Life?

I often asked this question and never got an answer until I stopped thinking for myself. I am serious!

One morning I woke up and said, "Okay Holy Spirit guide my feet, my decisions, choices today and let me know what to say." I kept saying it every morning.

What I did not realize was I began losing myself and gaining more of the Christ-like ways.

You will never know what God's plan is for your life if:

  • You continue to make decisions without him
  • You continue to take control of your life

As a dear friend told me, "It is not 'your will' but 'His will be done.'"

If you messed up a few times in your life, you begin to realize that your way is not necessarily the best way!

Will You Benefit From The God's
Plan For Your Life Weekly Insights?

The God's plan for your life weekly insights can help you if:

  • You know there is something better for you but do not know where to start
  • You have a difficult time identifying God's plan for your life
  • You do not feel comfortable reading the Bible but know you should
  • You are not sure if you are ready to give yourself to God and want a small sample of what it would be like
  • You are a sinner and want a way out of your current lifestyle for you know it is not good for you
  • You are lost and cannot find your way out of the trouble you are in
  • You are suffering with life problems and cannot see a way out
  • You want to learn about God's plan for your life in the privacy of your home
  • You are curious as to whether God's plan can really work for you
  • You are sick and tired of being sick and tired
  • You feel depressed and lonely
  • You feel as though no one loves or needs you
  • And the list goes on and on...

The bottom line is if you are unhappy with your life for any reason the God's Plan For Your Life Weekly Insights will be able to help you.

There is one catch though...you must be serious about improving your life. If not, nothing will change and you will continue to suffer!

Find Out What Is God's Plan For Your Life!

I do not know what concerns or problems you have in your life. What I do know is God can conquer all of it and put you where you need to be in order to receive his blessings.

How do I know? Not too long ago I moved to a new apartment and lost my job two weeks after the move. I had very little money, rent due in two weeks, bills to pay, food to buy and two teenage children to take care of.

To say I was stressed and almost losing my mind would be an understatement!

At that time, I had a King James Bible but felt something was missing. I needed a book to help find the answers to my questions. I took $15 that I needed for food and bought a Topical Bible.

The first scriptures I read were on "Patience." I read them over and over every morning and night for a month. Two words actually stuck with me, "..fret not." I actually stood on those two words and put my children's as well as my own life on the line.

To my surprise my needs were met. I was still behind on rent, struggling to pay bills but my NEEDS were met. I received money when I needed it the most not when I wanted it.

It was through this experience that my purpose in life was confirmed. I already knew my purpose but kept fighting it.

After the confirmation, I developed a connection with God that I had always desired. As I created this web site I was still struggling. Yet, I feel more people should be aware of his awesome power!

Get The God's Plan For Your
Life Weekly Insights Today!

I am offering you the opportunity to receive, "God's Plan For Your Life" weekly insights and recommended resources absolutely FREE!

To be honest, I am stepping out on faith with this site. I do not know how many people will be interested. But I must obey and do what I am told. I took a chance with another site and was pleasantly surprised by the response.

My main goals are to help you:

  • Walk in the steps of Christ
  • Identify God's plan for your life

The rest is up to you. I can only provide the information but you must take action. You cannot expect a different outcome if you continue to do the same things.

To get the, "God's Plan for Your Life" weekly insights all you have to do is complete the form below including your First Name and Email Address. You will receive an email asking you to confirm your request. You must click the confirmation link in order to receive the, "God's Plan for Your Life" weekly insights.

Be happy,

Shawn Nelson, MSA

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